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Broad-Based BEE Verification Agency

Special Edition BEE Rated Newsletter – May 2011

BEE RATED is now FULLY ACCREDITED for both the standard DTI Codes and the SECTOR Codes!

We are most pleased to announce that BEE RATED VERIFICATION AGENCY has obtained full accreditation (Accreditation No. BVA149) with SANAS (South African National Accreditation System)! Which means our certificates can carry on them the SANAS logo stamp of approval.

We are even more pleased to announce that, in addition to accreditation for the Dti Generic Codes, we are only the 3rd KZN Verification Agency which, at this point, has also been accredited to issue BEE Certificates for the following Sector Codes:

  • Construction
  • Road Transport
  •  Forwarding & Clearing
  •  Maritime Transport & Services
  •  Forest
  •  Tourism

The significance of this Sector Code accreditation is that it is a requirement for Companies who fall within the scope of one of these Sector Codes, to be measured and scored according to the specific criteria and targets that are set in their sector code.

Of interest, at present, there are only 6 Verification Agencies who are accredited nationally for the Maritime Transport and the Forwarding & Clearing sector codes, and only 8 for the Road Freight sector code. And BEE RATED is one of them!

BEE ALERT!  New BEE Targets in 2012 

Please take note:  the targets will increase significantly from February next year for the Dti Generic and QSE Codes, so it important to start making provision now for the following elements:  Employment Equity, and Preferential Procurement. Targets in this 2nd phase will be:

BEE Element

Generic Codes

QSE Codes


Employment Equity

Senior Management: from 43% to 60%   Middle Management: 63% to 75%Junior Management: 68% to 80% Disabled Employees: 2% to 3%

Management: from 40% to 60%Total Employees: 60% to 70%


Preferential Procurement

Total BEE procurement: 50% to 70% QSE/EME procurement: 10 to 15% Black owned procure.: 15% to 20%

Total BEE procurement: 40 to 50%

It is some time away before the 2nd phase kicks in for the various Sector Codes – we will give you sufficient warning well ahead of the time.

More pending changes/developments:  A Greater Focus on and Recognition for ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT and PREFERENTIAL PROCUREMENT?

More and more is being said in the media about the possible outcomes of the review by the President’s BEE Advisory Council of the effectiveness of the B-BBEE Codes in their current form. The Codes are being looked at from the point of view as to how they can be part of the drive to stimulate job creation in the SA economy.

Most often mentioned is to place special emphasis on Enterprise Development and Preferential Procurement as the 2 elements that can most significantly contribute to greater, meaningful and sustainable participation by Black (broadly defined) people in the economy.

It has been mentioned that, if a Company does not support an Enterprise Development initiative then, over and above not obtaining in points for this element, points would be subtracted from the score obtained. A double whammy! Watch this space…

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