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Broad-Based BEE Verification Agency

Amended BEE Codes of Good Practice

The new, amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice were gazetted on 11 October 2013. A transitional period of one year has been allowed,  after which it becomes mandatory for all BEE verifications to be undertaken in terms of these new Codes.

Please click here for the Amended BEE Codes of Good Practice

As you are probably aware, the amendments are far reaching and, unless properly addressed and prepared for, will have a significantly adverse effect of your BEE rating.

For information, please see the attached slides from a workshop presentation we gave to our clients in November last year, which endeavours to outline, explain and clarify as far as possible, the amended Codes.

Please note, at present, there is much in these amended Codes that requires clarification and interpretation, so the interpretation and understandings contained in the presentation must be taken as somewhat preliminary. Our industry body ABVA (Association of BEE Verification Agencies) is presently engaging with the Department of Trade and Industry in order to obtain such clarity.

As and when we are updated, we will keep our clients informed. In the meantime, should you have any queries, kindly contact us.